TIC-TOC (Toys Inspiring Children To Overcome Challenges) is a new project of the Pirate Toy Fund. TIC-TOC focuses on children with developmental challenges, providing them with educational toys that help grow their cognitive and motor skills in a supportive home environment. Many of the toys these children rely on during the school day are unavailable to parents and caregivers due to their cost. The Pirate Toy Fund works to raise funds for these adaptive toys to make them available through recognized program partners that work with special-needs children.

Why Do We Need Special Toys?

Children with physical disabilities may experience problems trying to use off-the-shelf toys due to the manual dexterity required to manipulate small parts. While in educational programs, children with emotional disabilities often form extended attachments to certain toys that promote appropriate social skills. However, specially designed adaptive toys are usually expensive, seldom found in major retail outlets, and rarely donated in our Toy Drives. We therefore must raise the money to purchase the toys ourselves.

Why Do We Need You?

Children with special needs need special toys. Your donations will enable us to meet these needs, thereby helping us strengthen families already stressed by these difficult economic times.

Kids 4 Kids

One of the ways children can help raise funds for this program is through the “Change” A Life Campaign, whereby school children can collect and donate their spare change.

If your school would like to collect coins for a week, two weeks, or more, call us at 271-5519. One of us will be happy to speak with you about the program or address a school assembly. We’ll provide the coin canisters and pick up the coins at your convenience. This is a great way kids can help other kids who are less fortunate than themselves.

Toys Helping Officers Make A Difference.

Since its inception in 2011, the Pirate Toy Fund's Toys on Patrol program has been a huge success. Using toys and books donated to the Pirate Toy Fund by the Rochester community, law enforcement officers can help comfort children involved in difficult or traumatic situations. The program has received rave reviews from both the community and officers. Monroe County law enforcement agencies confirm, “this one gesture can make all the difference. It lets children know that we’re not the bad guys. We’re here to help.” Kinecta Federal Credit Union provides the Pirate Toy Fund with bags to help protect the toys and books that are carried by officers in their patrol cars. The program wouldn’t be possible without the help of our volunteers that package the toys and community partners like Mayer Paint & Hardware that donated chests to the agencies. In 2012, the Pirate Toy Fund expanded the program with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and Jail. Plans are in the works to expand "Toys on Patrol" even further in to other law enforcement agencies throughout Western New York. To date, over 25,000 toys have been distributed to children by officers through the program.